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Natural Cure for Breast Cancer | Different Types of Breast Cancer

Different Types of Breast Cancer

Natural Cure for Breast Cancer | Different Types of Breast Cancer - Cancer of the breast is one of the leading cause of cancers that killed women around the world.  Those women have been  diagnosed of breast cancer that is the most feared by them. The human breast is a gland which contains milk ducts lobes fatty tissue and a network and lymphatic vessels. Cancerous tumors can arise in virtually any part of the breast are most often detected when a woman feels a lump.  In general cancerous lumps are firm and never go away usually not always pain free.  The vast majority of breast lumps are cancerous (many are cysts or fibroid masses) but no one can tell unless, otherwise, proper examination conducted by your doctor.  A lump that seems to be growing or not moveable when pushed it may be cancerous, therefore, proper examination must be done particularly a biopsy to identify the lump. A yellow bloody or clear discharge from nipple is a sign of Breast Cancer.  Breast cancer is not single entity but it has many types.  Some types of breast cancer include the following:

ü      Adenoid cystic carcinoma, malignant cytosarcoma phyllioles medullary carcinoma and tubular carcinoma.  All of the above are relatively uncommon types of breast cancer less aggressive than the other forms.

ü      Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).  Most professionals have considered to be breast cancer at its earliest state.  This type of mass is a cancer contained within the milk ducts.  The survival rate for this type of cancer has  increased  and  almost one hundred percent of the patients have been survived.

ü      Infiltrating ductal carcinoma.  Cancer arises within the lining of the milk ducts and infiltrates (invades) surrounding the breast tissue. Approximately 80 percent of all cases of breast cancer are infiltrating ductal carcinomas.

ü      -Inflamatory carcinoma.  A tumor cancer arises in the lining of the milk ducts and as it grows, it plugs the lymphatic and blood vessels. Breast changed its appearance as extremely tender, skin thickens, turns red and looks infected.  It is spreading rapidly due to the rich blood and lymph vessels supply is associated with inflammatory reaction.

ü      Intraductal carcinoma in situ.  A type of cancer which is localized in which cancerous cells grow within the ducts.  This type of cancer may not invade other tissues.

ü      Lobular carcinoma.  A less common form of breast cancer, lobular carcinoma breast cancer that arises in the lobes- occasionally occur in both breast simultaneously.

ü      Paget’s disease of the nipple.  Cancer cells from underlying cancerous tumor migrate to the nipple where redness, soreness and itching of the nipple are symptoms.   The presence of primary ductal carcinoma elsewhere in the breast is signed of  this disease.

A definite answer as to what causes breast cancer develop is still unknown. However, most of the researchers believe  that female sex hormone estrogen is the likely culprit in many cases of breast cancer.  Estrogen encourages cellular growth of the breasts tissue and reproductive organs. Another factors are to be considered when menstruation started before age nine; menopause after age of fifty five; gave birth to first child after age of forty.  Environmental factors such as being exposed to pesticides and other pollutants have not yet been confirmed although many professionals advise to avoid these substances. Obesity may also be linked to estrogen in their bodies than skinny woman.  In addition to above factors, heredity is also to be considered if there is in their families previously diagnosed of certain cancers.  It is important to detect breast cancer in its earliest and most curable stage.  Therefore, having regular mammograms can increase your chances of avoiding such a disease before it becomes more serious.

Breast Self Examination

A constant examine of your breast each month is essential preferably the first week after your menstrual period.  It is not recommended to examine your breasts during your menstrual period, a woman’s breasts may swell or become tender or lumpy.  This type of appearance of your breast decrease after your period.  Following are the procedure in examining your breasts:

ü      Raise your hands over your head while standing and looking in the mirror then check the shape of your breasts, its skin, nipples whether or not they are in normal position if one breast looks different than the other one.  If it is swelling in a portion of the breast, nipple pain an inward curve of the nipple.  If nipples discharge other than milk or red scaling or thickening of the skin and nipple, you have to see your doctor to examine your breast.

Prevention is better than cure.  Thee following tips could be tools in preventing breast cancer and other type of cancers:

Good Supplements:

ü      Multivitamins complex   -  as directed on label
All nutrients are essential for proper balancing.
ü      Natural Beta Carotene              -  as directed on label
A powerful anti oxidant to destroy free radicals and good in strengthening immune function.


ü      Garlic   - ( 3 gloves of raw garlic a day).
A powerful immunostimulant that improves cellular oxygenation deterring cancer growth.
ü      Drink Plenty of Green Tea                   
Researcher discovered that drinking green tea would promote good immune system.
ü      Gingko Biloba             
Enhances circulation and brain function
ü      Silymarin
An antioxidant extract of milk thistle that fights breast cancer and it also protects liver.
ü      Berries
Inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Fruits & Vegetables

Eat a high fiver diet based on fruits and vegetables such as grains, legumes, raw nuts (except peanuts), oats, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and other green leafy.  Fresh fruits  such as pineapple, apple, berries, papaya & banana.

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Natural Cure and Prevention for Colorectal Cancer

Warning Signs & Symptoms of  Colorectal Cancer

Natural Cure and Prevention for Colorectal Cancer - The large intestine is made up of the colon (the upper five to six feet) and the rectum last six to eight inches. This is the last stage of digestion occurring that solid waste is held until released it.  Colorectal cancer is  second only to the Lung cancer among cancers that kill many people both men and women.  Most colon cancers occur in people start from age of forty for both men and women. Colorectal cancer develops over a ten to fifteen year period and produces no symptoms until cancer is developed.  If the disease is detected early most probably the tumor has not metastasized yet and the survival rate is possibly quite high.

A genetic detection has involved with some forms of familial colon cancer.  The causes of this disease are not known but risk factors associated with colorectal cancer include calcium deficiency; colorectal polyps; non polyposis colon cancer or inflammatory vowel disease; buildup toxins in the colon; possibly diabetes; a diet high in saturated fats from animals and low in fiber; burned wood smoked or fried foods; obesity; smoking cigarettes; high consumption of alcohol and cancer exists already in another part of the body.  There was a study that most active people who do exercise regularly are not likely to develop colon cancer.

Symptoms and signs of colorectal cancer includes  rectal bleedings; there should be blood in stool; changes in bowel movement; persistent diarrhea or constipation;  gas pains or abdominal pain; bloating; anemia; significant weight loss; unusual paleness or fatique and ulcerative colitis.

Detecting colon cancer needs proper screening before mass turning to cancerous.  An annual checkup at age of forty would lead to detect early if such a disease is present in specific area.  Digital rectal examination should include on the following tests:  Facial occult blood test (FOBT) and colonoscopy and if normal it repetition of same test  should be done on or before five years.  Double contract barium enema or colon x-tray must also be done.   If you have a history of inflammatory bowel disease a checkup must be done every one to two years.  Same thing if you have a family history of colorectal cancer as you may inherit genetic mutation which normally leads to polyps and eventually developing cancer.  Investigate if your family had previously history of colon cancer and discuss it with your physician for proper assessment.  A test for detecting blood in the stool is to be considered enabling your physician to make relevant examinations to diagnose underlying diseases.

Prevention is better than cure. It has always been the advise of Health Care Provider that eating more fruits, vegetable, plus supplements are mainly tools to fight cancers.  The following tips are noted in maintaining good health.

Good Supplement:
Multivitamins and mineral complex as directed on its label.  A sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals are needed for normal metabolic condition.

Recommended Vegetables & Fruits:
Eat plenty of vegetables: broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard greens and other green leafy. Pineapple, apple, berries, papaya and oats as known rich in fiber.

Avoid dairy products except yoghurts which contains of lactobacillus good for stomach. Minimize the consumption of coffee or tea, nicotine and softdrinks. 

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Natural Prevention for Heart Attack

Natural Prevention for Heart AttackHeart is a muscle which pumps blood to entire body. Heart consists of four separate chambers, two atria and two ventricles.  Four valves allow blood to flow in one direction only.  Each beat of the heart right ventricle pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs while the left ventricle oxygenated into the arteries of the heart in intending to circulate around the body.

The primary symptom of heart attack is a consistent deep, often severe, pain in the chest that can spread to the left arm, neck, jaw or in the area between the shoulders blades.  It may notice the pain in such areas persist up to twelve hours.  Those people had already encountered heart attack describing it as heavy, substernal pressure, in which the chest is being squeezed. Aside from these symptoms, difficulty in breathing, sweating, nausea and/or vomiting have also been occurred.

There are basic scenarios that heart attack occurring if one of the arteries has blockage the heart does not supply with sufficient oxygen most often due to a blood clot. The coronary disease in which plaque and is composed of cholesterol fatty deposits as well as proteins and calcium.  Another scenario is an arrhythmia in which heart does not pump enough blood needed by body. When the blood vessel shows a weak spot called an aneurysm that may rupture causing internal bleeding and disrupting normal blood flow.

No one knows exactly why many people develop heart disease, however, proper balance between homocysteine and methionine is essential.  An amino acid formed as a result of the metabolism of another amino acid methionine  would lead to have normal growth and normal metabolism. High levels of  fats specifically lipoproteins and triglycerides would lead to increase the possibility of heart disease.  The two principle types of cholesterol: low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). A person has  high level of LDL can lead to formation of fatty plaques that  can narrow the arteries and cause reduce blood flow. On the other hand, if a person has high level of HDL it can carry the cholesterol away from the arteries.

Another factor is being considered if a person has insufficient supply of antioxidants, heart disease normally occurs. In such a way, generally a person who takes antioxidants supplement may prevent to encounter such a disease. As it is known to people around the world smoking is caused heart disease and other diseases. Eating so much of food foods would lead to increase the level of bad cholesterol knowing that health is wealth and therefore prevention is better than cure.  Here are the following  tips to enable to maintain good health:

Good Supplements:
  Vitamin C-                   Aids in thinning the blood preventing blood clots and free radicals.

Zinc 50mg-                   Necessary for proper balance with copper 3 mg. and for thiamine utilization.

Vitamin E-                    A powerful antioxidant that improves and thins the blood which reduced the risk of blood clots.

Pycnogenol-                 A powerful antioxidant reduces blood clotting.

Alfalfa-                         Rich in minerals aids for proper regulation of heart rhythms.
Green tea-                    It contains of superb antioxidant properties. Drinking 15-20 cups a day of green tea can provide a good protection against so many diseases.
Turmeric-                     It contains curcumin as anti-inflammatory and it also lowers the blood cholesterol.
Garlic-                          It has an anti-coagulant  function to enable to have a proper blood circulation in body. It detoxifies the body and protect against infection. It also contains many sulfur compounds which it its healing properties.

Eat more plenty of fruits and vegetables such as apple, pineapple, berries, banana, papaya, broccoli, cauliflower and other green leafy.

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Natural Cure for High Cholesterol

Natural Cure for High Cholesterol - Bad Cholesterol level in blood is to be  considered to be a contributor to plaque building up in the arteries and impeded blood flow to the brain , kidney, genitals, extremities and heart.  Since Cholesterol deposits in arteries it caused heart disease and it also implicates in gallstones.  However, Cholesterol is an essential part of every cell structure and this is needed for brain, nerve function and basis for manufacturing sex hormones.  In addition, Cholesterol is manufactured in the liver and transported through the bloodstream to the part of body when it is needed.

A high Cholesterol level in  blood is normally occurred when a person frequently eats fatty foods.  It is a fatty substance because blood is mainly water, it has to latch on to molecules (lipoproteins) to travel around to Low-Density Lipoproteins  (LDLs) have transported cholesterol in the bloodstream.  When a person is being diagnosed of  High Blood Cholesterol,  it is important to distinguish between  serum cholesterol and dietary cholesterol which is present  in food although our body produces its own cholesterol.  Bear in mind the consumption of foods high in cholesterol and/or saturated fat will eventually result to increase cholesterol blood that may cause heart disease.

While a vegetarian diet, regular exercise, niacin and vitamin c may lower cholesterol.  Hereunder the following information to let your body fight against high blood cholesterol:

Good Supplements:
Vitamin C with bioflavonoids                 - To lower cholesterol
Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocoperol Form)   -  To improve circulation

Dietary Foods:
Fruits: apple, banana, grapefruit, pineapple.
Vegetables: garlic, union, celery, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and other green leafy and Grains: barley, beans, brown rice, oats

Avoid smoking cigarette, alcohol, cakes, carbonated drinks, coffee, gravies and dairy products.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Natural Cure for Hypertension

Natural Cure for Hypertension - Millions of people around the world have high blood pressure but they are not aware that they are hypertensive. A hypertension is a dangerous disease and sometimes  this is just a secondary hypertension caused by poor kidney function. In the retention of excess sodium and fluid in the body, thus it increases the volume of blood within the vessels causes elevated blood pressure levels. Most of the people have high blood pressure usually no symptoms until complications develop as this disease is known as a silent killer. Those people have  high blood pressure normally feel rapid pulse, shortness of breath, dizziness and visual disturbances. Do not ignore these symptoms until it is too late.

Blood pressure is usually two categories which we called them primary and secondary. A primary high blood pressure is not due to another underlying disease in which the precise cause is unknown, but in some cases there are some definite factors being considered by the professional physician such as smoking cigarette, stress, obesity, excessive use of stimulants (coffee or tea) and high sodium intake.  A person has  a secondary hypertension because the blood vessels have chronically constricted or lost elasticity from a buildup of fatty plaque on the inside walls of the vessel.  This condition known as atherosclerosis.  Arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis are common precursors of hypertension.

A physician will conduct a proper test using a device called sphygmomanometer to diagnose high blood pressure.  However, bear in mind that prevention is better than cure, therefore, an anti oxidant supplements and herbs would serve in the body as an alternative medicine preventing so many diseases including high blood pressure and cancer. The following information are tips to maintain good health:

Good Supplement:
Vitamin C       is a powerful anti oxidant which improves adrenal function reduces blood clotting.
Vitamin E       is improving heart function and it also acts a blood thinning agent use with caution if you have already been given prescription for blood thinners.

Phytochemicals as Natural Alternative Medicine
Researchers encourage people around the world to eat more fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of some diseases including cancer.  Phytochemicals are the biologically active substances in plant that are responsible for giving them color, flavor and natural disease resistance. In addition to that, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables such as, pineapple, apple, banana, grapefruit, broccoli, cauliflower and other green leafy vegetables plus garlic seem to fight free radicals and carcinogenic.

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